Awful noise randomly mid recording

I have been using a SE x1 Microphone with Steinberg CI2, recording through my Imac into Garageband. I recently upgraded the software Cubase AI to version 5.11. The last few weeks I have noticed random glitches midrecording which sound like a series of computerized blips, this lasts for anything up to a minute then my normal audio comes back in, but it runs at a slower time, so constantly goes out of sync with the video I made. This is a difficult problem to test because it is random. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I make a lot of videos each week and this is simply adding more time to my working week. :frowning:



Is it just while playback? Or can you hear it even after the Mixdown? Try to increase the Buffer Size of the Audio Device, please.

Thanks for responding. I am afraid I have little knowledge…The noise is present at playback and after exporting to MP3. How do I increase the Buffer Size? Is this something I do in garageband or on the PreAmp CI2?


If it’s in the exported file, then it’s not a Buffer Size issue.

Could you share the file, to hear it, please?

I am trying to attach the file but it isn’t playing nicely. Perhaps I can email the file to you?

(zip the file, the forum should accept it)

Here is the sound that I experience. (468 KB)

Seems similar to sounds sometimes heard when using VST trial versions. Sometimes the sounds start after the trial date is passed.

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I would also say, this is some VST plug-in Trial protection.

I recently did an update to make my software compatible with my OS X El Captain, but I don’t know anything about any trials. Do you know how I can prevent this from happening in future?

You have at some point tried out some VST software, and it is in use in this current project, so you should have a look through the insert plugins on all the tracks.