Awkwardly-spaced lyrics after moving bars

Often I need to bring a few extra bars into a system to create a graphic. Dorico’s decision-making about proper spacing of the lyrics and notes goes bonkers. Is there a way to get Dorico to do a better job? (I’d like to avoid having to manually space the examples.) The attached file illustrates the problem and what I’ve tried so far.
Thanks in advance!

Engraving Options–Lyrics–Spacing–Minimum gap between adjacent lyrics. Set it to a lower value. Also check out the minimum spacing gaps for hyphens.

This sort of lyric adjustment is pretty much my life. If the system is over-full, there’s not much you can do to avoid manual adjustment.

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Thanks. I’ll fiddle with those settings, then.

A minor issue: how did your third syllable (‘your’ in ‘yourself’) manage to get left-aligned. That sort of thing can mess up lyric spacing. OTOH, I often use key combinations for forcing alignment of syllables to help prevent rhythm distortion.

You could also reduce the note spacing in Layout Options, in addition to the Lyrics Spacing in Engraving options.

I’m not sure how the third syllable got left-aligned. But thanks for flagging it! As for key combinations, I can’t get most to work for me. The whole matter of which elements are assignable and which aren’t remains a frustrating mystery. Maybe it will receive attention in a future update?

I may try this if my new setting for lyrics and hyphens don’t fully capture what I need. Thanks for the tip!

“Sometimes, you just can’t get it all on one line.”

I seem to remember that making key combinations for aligning syllables requires changing the JSON file for keyboard shortcuts. Unfortunately I no longer remember which of the files it is or where it resides. Someone on the forum can surely help if you’re interested.

“UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kLyricTextAlignment&Value=kLeft” : [ “Your Key Command Here” ]

It’s also a matter of where it resides. There’s one embedded in the Dorico app but I seem to remember its not being a good idea to change that, as future updates will overwrite any changes.

%appdata%\Steinberg\Dorico 3.5 on Windows.
~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3.5 on Mac.

I know, I looked there (on both laptop and desktop Macs) and the only folders in the root library directory were dedicated to NotePerformer, and the only folder in my users library directory was an empty download assistent folder. No JSON files at all.

Hmm. You need to have stored at least one custom key command from within Dorico itself, or there won’t be a JSON file in the user folder. Could that be it?

Are you looking in the wrong Library folder?
In the finder option-click the Go menu to see the user Library folder.


No mistake. There’s really no JSON file in any of my library folders. I have stored some commands within Dorico itself. Does this prevent the formation of a JSON file in the user folder?

Are there at least some application.logs in there? Mine looks like this (albeit on a user account that hasn’t been used much, recently!)

And on That Other Operating System:

Now I’m worried…

That’s the global library, isn’t it? See how in my screenshot there’s a tilde (~) before Application Support? You need that…