Axiom 25 usb battles with webcam driver?

I am trying to use an axiom25 usb controller with my cubase 5. If I disable my webcam and driver it will sometimes work. I say sometimes because there is an order I need to achieve with turning on the axiom and uninstalling the webcamdriver/dissabling the webcam. I’ve not yet figured this order.

major head fuk going on here. Basically I feel that if I remove the webcam and driver all together then my axiom might always be recognized and work. Problem is that even if I dissable the webcam and uninstall the driver my computer automatically reloads the driver and enables the webcam the next time my computer is used after “sleeping”.

I have a Dell sp2309 monitor running windows 7 64

Can someone tell me how to permantly remove the webcam? Or, if there is another fix for this Axiom25 not being recognized and seemingly battling with my webcam driver?