Axiom Midi and recording freeze. No wifi.

Just got my new rig . In cubase 7.5
I7, 16 ram ssd, windows 8. With roland Ua 25ex interface
When i start a new project things are good. Then after a couple of takes . ( minutes)
problems begin
delay on the axiom.61
For some reason there is a large increase in buzzing from having the laptop on charge?
Recording freezes.
Cant record vst instrument anymore.?
I got the latest drivers. For axiom and ua 25 ex.

No wifi. Buffer set high 456.

Any thoughts. ? My life is passing me by.

. Some progress. …

  1. in device setup …UN check Asio guard then check Activate steinberg audio power scheme. And muti processing.
  2. Make sure your pc is set for high performance.
    3 try different buffer sizes.

Good luck, :smiley: youll need it.

Also get a ground loop isolater. …