AXR and DB-25

Hi! I want to buy AXR4. I need more than 10 channels, but AXR very expensive.
First question: What type of equipment can I use with DB-25 for increase the number of channels? Maybe this equipment is cheaper than AXR?
Second question: Can I connect my old m-Audio Delta 1010 card that has a DB25? This connector it used to transmit sound to the computer.

Hey mate,

the DB25 on the AXR4 carries digital AES/EBU signal.

[AES/EBU] connector - For connecting to devices that input or output digital signals in the AES/EBU format. You can select between the [AES/EBU] connector and the 7 OPTICAL B [IN]/[OUT] connector for use. The jack and format in use can be set on the DIGITAL I/O MODE screen on the AXR4 device or on the Settings screen on the dspMixFx AXR.

Is Delta’s DB25 carrying AES/EBU? I have no clue.

Or example for optical connection, with concrete device

Thanx for reply. I m not shure about Delta. I just asked. If not, what kind of device I will can connect to AXR? Concrete firm and type, if possible.

You can use a UAD 4710d to get 8 channels in at 192k (4 pres and 4 line). You have to use a pretty weird aes snake from Tascam to Yamaha (can order from in USA for 60 bucks).

If you are fine with 96k and below, you can use anything with adat out. A focusrite Clarett 8pre would work well.

Guys. I have UAD 4710d + AXR U + AES /EBU cable. Im not able to connect this 2 units. Is there a secret ? I’ve tried all word clock options…