AXR and Nuendo 10

Is the AXR meant to run with Nuendo 10?

I am running it but it feels like a hack. All the tutorials are for Cubase with even the AXR manual referring only to Cubase.

I would like to use the AXR extension which apparently brings up a separate control page for the AXR in the inspector in Cubase - giving you direct control of the audio interface directly from Cubase(As per the manual page 56)
Does anyone know if the AXR extension can be used in Nuendo 10? My experience is that it doesnt but perhaps I’m wrong.

I would appreciate any comments or support.



Now there is one for the books.
Steinberg you screwed this one up royally.
You cannot access the AXR directly from either Cubase or Nuendo if you use the control room. Yep! Go figure!
The AXR control panel only becomes active in the inspector if you run direct in’s and outs. this cuts out the control room.

If you use the control room in either of these applications, DONT BUY this Audio interface if you want to control the interface from you DAW.

I am disappointed!

For real!!! This just has to be an oversight or a bug, it can’t be a part of the feature set. I haven’t checked the manual but have Steinberg said anything to you regarding this issue via support etc (I’m assuming you may have contacted them).

Is this still the case?

You can use the control room and use the AXR - I use the control room with the AXR. You just have to have your stereo outs in audio connections routed to something - anything - it could be a dummy buss you dont use.