AXR AVB or Dante

I have been a 25 years Cubase-Nuendo user, recording mostly classical music, opera and folk; have jumped from one interface to another, in the mid 2000, loved my MR-816-CSX on firmware with its strong tie inside Cubase, although the firewire drivers were not always stable. When my computer did’t have firewire anymore, I started using UAD and Antelope interfaces. The latter with outstanding sound quality, but the drivers have been so unreliable. I have been shopping for an ethernet base interface for some time without any compromise on sound quality and been thinking about AVID carbon and leave the Steinberg ship… but I realized that If I put the Carbon interface on stage close to the musicians I would need a second interface in the control room for monitoring and through aggregate devices would loose the inherent connection inside Pro Tools. Avid has not yet implemented dual interface connection even with other Avid products. So I’m still waiting for the perfect tool, that would permit me to record musicians that are hundreds of feet from me without having to run long and heavy audio snakes.

Is Steinberg working on a AXR with ethernet protocol that could hook up a minimum of two interfaces one in the control room and one close to the musicians? Or connect with other existing AVB devices like RME’s or MOTU’s, without loosing the intricate connection that provides AXR inside Nuendo?

Maybe my dream is far fetch? Otherwise the only alternatives seems to be Focusrite Rednet series in Dante, but I would loose the ability to control the interfaces directly inside Cubase-Nuendo, and would have to fiddle through the Dante protocol, which is often more complicate to set up… Hoping the solution is built by Steinberg with the same audio specs of the AXR in the foreseeable future.
Thank you for your attention.