AXR Extension in Cubase 8

Hi people,

Failed to find the AXR4 panel from the left pic below. On the right screenshot you can see my stereo track (routed to AXR4 Mic 1 and 2 In), but there’s no sign of the panel.

First question: does Cubase 8 Pro (educational license) support AXR Extension? Just couldn’t find this information, nevertheless in the AXR4 manual mentioned that Cubase version and/or grade should fit.

Second question: the line in the middle on the screenshot below – Steinberg AXR Extension – does it mean that installation was successful, it is fully activated and I don’t need to dance around it anymore?

If both ‘yes’ then third question: where in the hell I can find or turn on this panel?

Thanks in advance

I guess Cubase 8 is to old to use the AXR panel

Then why its DLL has been installed and shown as ‘Active’ in Plug-in Information window?
I thought incompatible libraries/extensions/etc shouldn’t be identified and appear in old DAW versions?
I mean, it is not like any kind of VST functionality, it’s more like internal tweak, isn’t it?

And wait, why should we even guess about it?
Could anyone link us to official AXR Extension compatibility list? If it exists anywhere except few heads in Steinberg…