AXR4 and Mac M1?

Just bought an AXR4 and a Mac Mini M1. Are there any plans for updating the AXR4 to match the new mac processors?

Yes, we are working on offering compatible drivers and software. However, this may take some additional time and until then, the recommendation to wait with hardware upgrades to Apple Silicon remains valid.

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Hi there, would it be possible to get an information on when to expect the big sur/M1 compatible drivers for the AXR4? According to Steinberg’s officially published schedule, there was an update planned end of March? Thanks in advance.

We have completed the tests for the AXR4U now. It is officially compatible with Big Sur on both Intel and M1 systems (using Rosetta 2). Please see the official announcement here:

Thanks for the reply, Ed. As a AXR4T user I was hoping secretly that the driver update for the USB version will go alongside with the thunderbolt version. May I thus ask, would it be possible to share some information on when the AXR4T driver will be ready for release? That would be nice.

Sorry to annoy here again with the same thing, but could I/we please get some/any official information about the status of the AXR4T driver development? Thank you.

Couldnt agree more. I have an AX4T, unused since late december. I dont know anything about how drivers are made, but release information would be nice.

Seems that at Steinberg there is not much care about customers out there with a basically nonfunctional/nonusable product, waiting since half a year for a driver update. This is really disappointing. But hey, don’t giving a shit is also an attitude…

Steinberg, COME ON!!!

Another month of waiting without any news/updates regarding the AXR4T big sur/M1 drivers. This obvious incapabability to timely adapt to technical changes/progresses - which always came and will come on the side of a company like Apple - in combination with the poor information policy and lack of custom support/care are for me enough red flags to jump off the Steinberg boat now. So, I will switch to another interface. For those with a similar intention, I thought it would be nice to post where to find M1 supported options (including thunderbolt) at the moment: Apollo, Antelope, Focusrite, Lynx, Motu, Presonus, RME.