AXR4 Noisy headphone outputs

I just noticed that if I turn the headphone volume past 50% thee is a lot of noise occurring (sounds like a high noise floor interference). My AX4R is rack mounted so possible grounding issues might be occurring. (My headphones are Denon AHD2000’s). It happens on both outputs.

Wondered if any other users have noticed this on the headphone out?

Be interested in any feedback or troubleshooting ideas.


Hi David,

I had the same issue when I was testing my freshly arrived interface at home. As soon as I moved it to my studio, it magically disappeared. So all I can say is… it’s worth troubleshooting it!

Good luck!

I have tried both my headphone inputs with a pair of blue headphones and they seemed totally fine.

BUT i plugged in some M-audio monitors via 1/8’’ connection with adapter to 1/4" and that produced high pitched noise frequency. (same adapter used for headphones so it wasn’t the adapter)

Tested the monitors straight from computer built in audio output and the monitors work perfect.

Definitely a similar issue, was also sensitive to the position of the volume control.

Also rack mounted btw.