AXR4 question for synths - Jupiter X and one more synth

I use an AXR4 as my digital interface and have a midi controller already plugged into it, using the midi IN slot of the AXR4. I now bought a new Jupiter X as well.

Is there a way for me to connect the Jupiter X to the AXR4 so that it can both get MIDI in and send MIDI out signals? While still having my midi controller in the setup? (The controller is easier to use at my desktop, but the Jupiter X has unique controls that I’d like to record)

Or should I connect the Jupiter X directly to the computer with USB (1?2?) and bypass the AXR4?

What about audio in both cases? Would I still connect the Jupiter X to the audio of the AXR4? And should I use the main out L/R of the Jupiter X or the balanced main out L/R?