AXR4 Software Effects

I see Steinberg has updated software for Yamaha Vintage Channel Strip.
Two of the three effects in that bundle are bundled with the AXR4 hardware.
Do the plugin updates on the Channel Strip VST apply to AXR4 owners?


Just to add to this. I have applied the Individual Vintage Plugin updates to the Vst3 and Component plugins for Comp 276 and EQ 601. These now read v 1.2.6 (previously v 1.2.5) .
They appear to open using the Advanced FX Suite licence on the dongle OK.
However the version numbers for the plugins if reading from the dspmix app shows at v1.20 (which appears to be the version of the driver not necessarily the plugin).
As I was using Catalina anyway not sure I can validate if there are any benefits to the update.