AXR4-T and UR-RT2

I recently purchased the UR-RT2 on Reverb thinking that i could use it with my AXR4 and it seems that I need to pick one or the other in my studio setup.

Before I resell it I am wondiering if I’m missing something and there is a way to use the two together.

If anyone knows how, I’d like to hear from you.

if you’re on mac you could set up an aggregate device and use both but otherwise you can’t really use them together.

I was afraid of that. I apprecaiate your reply.

Adding more channels through an A/D converter is the only way to extend your AXR4 with your UR-RT2. Plugging the output of the UR-RT2 into an input of the AXR4 would only replace the input, so it probably isn’t such a great option. Besides that, switching between the two is the only option for Windows users outside of using a completely different driver, such as ASIO4ALL.

Yeah I figured that out and sold it. Thanks for the reply, though.

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