AXR4T - in a rack - ventillation really necessary?

Is it really necessary to ventillate with spacing between 1U units like AXR4? I see good ventillation coming from the sides of the AXR4 and wonder if this is sufficient to allow putting another 1u unit on top? The AXR4 certainly doesnt run hot? Anyone?

I wouldn’t risk it if at all practical. I didn’t think my unit ran that hot either but on closer inspection it can get quite toasty on the underside (hot to the touch). I’m only running 1 unit with space above and below as recommended.

Does your unit run hot on the underside after prolonged use? Anyone else notice this? Could just be my AXR4T, though I would assume not if the danger of overheating is specifically mentioned.

If spacing is impractical you could use a fan to prevent heat build up as indicated in the manual. I think heat build up without enough dissipation would be the main issue.