AXR4T Loopback Mode

Just got the AXR4T and am having trouble getting loopback mode to work. I am trying to record the computer audio, e.g. from iTunes, browser, etc. In the dspMixFx tool I can the computer signal on DAW Line 1/2 which is routed to the Line 1/2 bus. I enabled the “Loopback” button on the Line 1/2 bus and was expecting that I should see the audio be made available on one of the inputs, but I none of the inputs are showing any signal (as monitored in Ableton Live). What do I have wrong here?


Found it, from the manual:

To record the loopbacked audio in the computer, select “Steinberg AXR4” in the Windows sound settings,
or select “Steinberg AXR4 2TR” in the Mac sound input settings.

Which means that in your DAW you can’t get to the individual inputs any more, as everything comes on channel 1 and 2. Really? Seems restrictive.

How does the loopback mode work. I have my computer feeding outputs 1/2. I click loopback and I don’t notice anything happening. Is the idea that I should be able to record those outputs into tracks on Cubase without having to exit the digital realm? I don’t see how to do that.

Same issue here. It’s a $3000 interface that can’t get the most simple most used feature out there!
After spending hour and hour with top tech support at Steinberg, they still couldn’t make Loopback work and said that this should be in their next update (that was 4 months ago!)

A workaround: I send the output of my computer to and physicals patchbay and then loop it back into the the AXR and record it.

STEINBERG: Please update this interface, we paid top dollar for it!

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