AXR4T - performance with M1 Max Macbook 32Gb - Monterey

I’ve had an unexpected shock seeing quite poor performance with this setup.

Running at 88 Khz and 1024 buffer, the Core audio seems to provide performance not even touching 1%, whereas switching to AXR4T interface the performance jumps up to 25%+ !

This test was run using just a few tracks duplicated of a stock plugin.

Could it be the macbook driver is better and the Steinberg AXR4 driver just isnt up to the job? I see people posting crazy track counts with very little cpu usage.

Can anyone shed light on this?

Thanks in advance


It seems a bit high but there’s a lot of unknow variables in understanding your scenario. It’s very likely that you are experiencing a performance increase due to the fact you are using USB, which does add additional processing via the shitty Steinberg driver. If you swap out for thunderbolt, that performance increase should go away.

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m not using USB, I’m using the AXR4T THUNDERBOLT interface. So not really an explanation to explain the poor performance?

Derp! Now I see it in the title lol. Yeah man idk, nothing else “should” affect performance if everything else is identical. Maybe some weird M1 compatibility issue making the system work harder to compensate. Do some googling on DPC latency as well, it’s a stretch but maybe an avenue to explore at a minimum.

are you sure the drivers are installed and in use. I had to go into the security setting and allow the steinberg driver to be ‘used’ on a recent install on big Sur. I’d installed the driver but it wasn’t actually being used when I was using the device. i had the same poor performance (UR 22-C) until I followed the TB install procedure.

Just a thought.