AXR4T works fine with TB4 card + adapter with Asus H570 MB

Just setup the interface and got it to work with my system within a few hours.

ASUS PRIME H570-PLUS BIOS 2001 ME i5-11600K.
Asus ThunderboltEX4 PCIe card connected with PCIe power, USB 2.0 wire, TB header MB wire.
The card came with NVM firmware version 31.0. There’s NVM v36 on Asus page but I’m too scared to apply it. Enabled various TB settings in the BIOS.
StarTech TBT3TBTADAP adapter.
Apple 2m Thunderbolt 2 cable.
Windows 11 Pro, using Asus TB drivers.
Updated the interface firmware to v2 no issues.
Sounds better than my old Presonus Studio Live RML32 AI which still works great.

I can confirm that AXR4T doesn’t work the StarTech TBT3TBTADAP adapter after updating the Asus ThunderboltEX4 firmware to NVM v36. Luckily I had a spare TB card with NVM 31 :slight_smile: