I’ve read there are some annoying niggles with this interface and users need to work around.

For Cubase integration, is it just Cubase 10 or 11 that benefits from this? - What about say Cubase 8 or 9?

Recently there is new software - If I had one of these it would be used on Windows 7 / 8 / 10 or Intel Mac - Have the little niggles been ironed out?

When it comes to PC’s I build my own - and like to keep as many options open as possible - hence multi-OS’s possibilities - How does this fair - I am interested but have read bad support - What is the situation as of this day in June 2022? - Thanks - :grinning:

Peoples main concern is that the loopback feature doesn’t work as expected. The unit itself sounds great.

I’m not sure how the unit integrated with earlier versions of Cubase. I’m using the unit with C12 on Intel Catalina.

Hello - Thanks for reply.
So you use iMac 2020 or similar! - There was also a niggle people wrote about if there were signals / instruments not routed to the main output then something wouldn’t show up in the DSP mix software.

I don’t yet have one of these but am looking at it :grinning:

I’m using a black Mac Pro - that problem you’re talking about was fixed in the last update.

Right OK - Thanks


What is the lowest latency this interface can do?

I have the AXR4U which will have longer a latency than the AXR4T but I’m getting input latency of 3.5ms and output of 3ms at 32 samples buffer size - I run Cubase at a higher buffer size than that. Obvs though you can monitor vocals etc outside of cubase using the AXR mixer and get 0 latency.

Hello - thanks for reply!
So you say you get 6.5 ms round trip latency @ 44.1 Khz (sample rate) @ 32 buffer - This does seem quite a big latency



Hi - Another user with the U model claims 2.2 ms - So I suppose 3 ms or less would be a better number.

Maybe you could run it lower? -