AXR4U Nuendo 11 - need try

Hello - i have problem with Nuendo 11 trial - when I want to try it - steinberg. doesnt send me code for download to my email- some time ago i was try maybe Nuendo 10 wiht Yamaha Montage 6 black - but now i bought Steinberg AXR4U and i need try new Nuendo 11 becasue 384khz 32 bit float recording - is it possible? i have Wavelab Pro 10 and i was try record performance in Audio Montage in 384khz and i was saw huge difference in quality of recording opposite to Cubase Pro 11 - 192khz 32 bit float… code for Wavelab Pro 11 trial come in seconds… its possible to try new version of Nuendo with AXR4U? or i cant try it if i try old version?

Private message sent.