AXRT availability

Hi all,

Been looking around for a new audio-interface, came across the AXRT (and some others) that seemed promising but everywhere I look (Europe) the unit has sold out and, when checking with a vednor, is unavailable for an unknown period. Only the USB version is still available.
I prefer the TB due to the, I presume, faster bitrate which, from what I understand, should result in lower latency. I use an QU32 A&H as an audio-interface right now so latency does tend to become a problem with VST heavy projects.

Is the AXRT begin discontinued? Is the ARTU a valid alternative or, latency wise, should I look for another TB (3) capable audio-interface like an RME or UA?

According to Thomann the thunderbolt version is no longer being manufactured.

Not sure if this is related to general availability problems with TB 2 and TB 3 chipsets. As far as I know, also RME has discontinued some TB interfaces due to those problems.