Azerty keyboard issues

Dear Dorico users
I’ve changed to an azerty keyboard. (I live in Belgium and often write in French.)
Problem is, now the old key commands don’t work.
I’ve read other posts on the forum. @MarcLarcher said he had changed all his key commands. But that was a while ago.
I wondered if any progress has been made in this issue, or is systematically changing keyboard commands the only way forward?

If you change the ‘Keyboard language’ drop-down on the Key Commands page of Preferences to ‘French’ you will then be using the keyboard shortcuts we set up for French keyboards.

Thanks, Daniel.

Dear Mnatseah,
I have shared my own keyboard shortcuts in the FB group (Utilisateurs francophones de Dorico), with some explanations in a pdf, if you’re interested. It’s really optimized for a french layout keyboard (speed and efficiency). Feel free to try it :wink: