B-Box and Drum Player Patterns

Is it normal behaviour for there to be nothing present in the Patterns drop-down of the above instruments within Halion 5?

I have nothing in these boxes at all and I have followed the steps from the sticky in this forum, and even done a fresh install of Halion 5 from ISO images provided by support.

Support are now telling me I’m ‘the only guy in the world’ with this issue, but I’m sure they haven’t asked every single user! Can anyone tell me what they have in these drop-downs please?

Ok, please ignore the above post. After 3 weeks of ‘support’ which involed un-installing, downloading ISOs, re-installing, etc, etc, and being made to feel rather stupid because ‘it works for everyone else’, support have just come back to me and said that they misunderstood what I was reporting!

Despite clearly mentioning what I thought was a problem and attaching screenprints (twice, because at one point I was beginning to suspect they had not read my request correctly), they thought I was having problems with the FlexPhraser Phrase presets not showing up. This despite the fact I even included a shot of FlexPhraser showing (and stating) that the presets were there!

So everything is working as designed (if only they could have told me that at first!) and only lost a few hours of my life, and quite a lot more hair!

It all sounds very recognizable. When I once opened a support ticket at Steinberg support, it looked like I applied for a career in politics. Despite video and audio examples a lot of time was wasted with, inattention, confusion and diversion. In the end the problem wasn’t solved and I gave up.

I’m glad it’s solved for you.