I download/install GA 4(trial version) recently. When i open any of my projects GA 4 works fine. But when i download/install the sound addon of Simon Phillips and open again any of my projects, GA 4, ONE and SE are freeze/hangs while loading. Even the GA 4 stand alone.

I notice that er is no activation code on the sound addon of Simon Phillips trial version. While GA 4 have one to registrate.

This is the very first time that i have a issue with Groove Agent. Anyone know this problem?

Kind Regards.

You need Groove Agent 4.2.40 for it to work. If you have both GA4 and GA4SE install both updates.

You can download it here

and here for SE

Everthing on Cubase Pro 9 is up to date, even Groove Agent.
I think is really on the Simon Phillips addon. I downloaded the trial version but, i notice there is no activation code on it.

The strange part is, that my eLicenser detected the SP addon but, no asking for a activation code to run the trial version.
I contact Steinberg trough email a couple of days ago but, without any response yet.

Ah ok sorry can’t help