B naturals in the key of Gb???!!!


I’m resetting a piano piece of mine written in key of Gb major. Of the several thousand notes in the piece, more than a few are C flats. When inputing notes from a midi keyboard, Dorico writes C flats as B naturals even though I’m using the Gb major key signature. It’s a bit of a drag having to select notes and respell them. What am I missing? I can’t imagine this is intentional behavior. Thanks!

Here is what I found in advanced search with +dorico +respell +update

This is a problem already known… We are all waiting for the updates :wink:

Try and use advanced search before creating new threads, it will help Dorico’s team to focus on writing code !

I had seen Daniel’s quote and didn’t think it applied to simply inputing single notes in a given key. I wasn’t asking Dorico to respell notes in a chord, I was expecting correct spelling of a diatonic passage with a key signature in force. Oh well, here’s to the updates!

Don’t forget that you can respell notes immediately after you enter them using Alt+= and Alt± (that is, Alt and equals or Alt and minus)

Doesn’t calling for (pressing the letter key) C with a Gb key sig major produce a Cb automatically? I think Daniel has mentioned the possibility for input maps in the future that will help notes default to specific spellings.

It does if you simply type the letter name using your computer keyboard, but not if you’re using a MIDI keyboard. This should be much better in the 1.0.10 update, though there is still lots more work for us to do on improving enharmonic spelling in MIDI input beyond the 1.0.10 update as well.