b4 i buy 824 a few questions

hi .
thinking of buying a 824.
have a few questions though .
one is .: the headphone section … are the headphones outputs independent of the main monitor outs or are they routed to the output buses 1234 ??
also whilst using the control room function in cubase 7 can i rout a independent headphone mix to the ur824 hp outs .and can i send these outputs (on the front ) to a headphone amp/mixer in the rec room .
thanks in advance …
more questions to follow but for now just one theme at a time
cheers .

anyone ?


I’ve never been very sophisticated when it comes to routing and mixing. However, I have now got two UR824 units and they are (in my opinion) spectacularly good.

The headphone mixes and levels are independent of the main outs. I think this means you have not one but two independently assignable headphone mixes.

I’ve not yet set up the control room but I’m hoping to be able to do so soon. I think the UR824 allows you to assign anything to any combination of its eight outputs.


I think Steve answered your question pretty well, but you can also check out:


scroll to the end with the signal flow, and block diagrams, should give you some further insight on how things can be setup.

Guys Thank you very much …

Personally I replaced my aged Delta 1010 with one and so far have been extremely happy with the result. I notice a real improvement in the top end. The on board FX and routing are the biz as is the Cubase integration although I think it could be improved in Cubase v7.
Would recommend.