"Baby You're Real" (remix)

Hi Doug,

Have you done any little teaks to the snare or distorted guitars on this?
Im wondering if my ears are playing silly bu**ers, cos im not hearing what I thought I was hearing before.
Snare sounds ok and im not hearing as much energy build up on the 2nd chord in the distorted gtr parts now.

If you’ve not changed anything, I take back what I said about those parts! :blush: :smiley:

and I also wanted to bump this up as its a cool song! :wink:


I’ll drink some lagers to that. :wink:

Sounds more like a red wine song to me. :sunglasses:


i loved this song

it’s catchy, without being annoying - a hard balance to achieve!

i thought the acoustic guitar at the beginning gave it a brighness…wasn’t as keen when the electirc guitar entered later - seemed to weigh it down rather than enhance and lift the section.
do we always need electric guitars to complete a song i wonder? i could imagine strings or mandoline coming in halfway through instead…but i’m biased!


Hi sav

I haven’t done anything at all. That doesn’t mean your comments were wrong, however – you’re not the first person who felt the overdriven guitars were too midrangey

Hi Violet, thanks for listening

I tried a “cleaner” guitar tone, like a Tele thru a Vox amp on a clean but LOUD setting. I think it actually sounded better doing this. I’m just too lazy to export a mix and post it, mostly because I just assumed everyone had moved on, and to say “Hey check out this other mix” might irritate people :laughing:

A beautiful musical journey. Good Song premise, execution, and overall enjoyment.

Sounded great on my Rokit 8’s, don’t change the mix!


Similar or himself one of the Alan Parson’s vocalist but i am not sure about his name. Is that you?

Great song.

Thanks gents for listening!

Funny… I not only started remixing this be retracking the guitars (since they’re out of tune) and in the process, involving numerous version saves, I’ve lost track of the original