Back/Down Save a Cubase 5 to open in Artist 8?

Is this possible? Or will it open it loosing any additional features setting etc?


See the Project compatibility chart, please.

Yea i’ve seen that but i have no need to buy Cubase Pro I just have some project created in Cubase 5 that i need to open and wondered if they can but opened but with reduced functionality or save as compatibility option?

There’s a sale on upgrades right now, you can take the chance to jump to Cubase Pro 9. Your Cubase Artist 8 will automatically be converted to Pro.
This will ensure that your projects will be opened correctly.

According the chart the answer to that is no.
But as you’re the one with the Cubase 5 projects and Cubase Artist 8 to open them in why not try it to confirm for yourself.

the chart lies!

Opened a Cubase 5 project in Artist 8.5 perfect! You don’t know how much this makes me happy!

I think they hedge their bets with some of the older unsupported versions. Easier to say it doesn’t work and people be happy that it does than for people to complain when it doesn’t if they said it did.

There are effects and features not supported by Cubase Artist. This one project opened like it should, but that might not happen with all of them.

I don’t agree. With this logic it couldn’t be marked you can open Cubase Pro project in Cubase Artist. Our Nuendo project in Cubase Artist. So there wouldn’t be any backward compatibility. But in this case Steinberg says you can open it (with the derivative limitations).

I agree with this.