Back selected when Track selected

Good morning everyone. I’ve got CUBASE 13 PRO and I have a short question:

When selecting a track, is there any way to get the bank of that track selected at the same time? I want to navigate straight to the bank where the track is when browsing through the tracks.

Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

What kind of Bank do you mean, please?

Are you talking about a Remote Device? Which One? A Mackie Control Device?


You know Cubase divides allí the tracks on blocks of 8 called banks. But when I have a bank selected and it’s appearing on my Midas M32 8track fader bank, if i select a track on cubase which is on a different bank, midas M32 and Cubase does not move the bank to where the new selected track is hosted. Do you know how to get it?


You are probably talking about the Mackie Control Device, right? Or Mackie HUI? None of them have the auto-banking implemented in Cubase. But you can use the MIDI Remote. There is a MIDI Remote Mackie Control emulation available here on the forum. The MIDI Remote has the auto-banking implemented.

Hi Martin, thanks for your time. Yes, I’m using in my studio MIDAS M32 with Mackie MCU. I know that MIDI Remote in Cubase 13 Pro offers me the chance of creating my own set of controls but M32 with its DAW remote function has already implemented all the needed scripts. However as you said, auto-banking is not working.

Where is the MIDI Remote mackie control emulation? I would love to have it if that resolves the issue.



You can try for example this one or this one.