Back-to-back midi notes causing dropouts?

I’ve been programming some midis and for some reason when I have a back to back midi note, the midi notes drop out. For example when I have straight quarter or 8th notes lined up and quantized perfectly, it seems to drop some of those notes. It’s only when I select all of those notes, turn the snap off and ever so slightly roll back each note’s length to create separation between notes does it sound OK.

Take in mind this is for notes of the same pitch. The midi notes aren’t actually overlapping either.

Yes, of notes of the same pitch, if you don’t curtail the lengths of each note so they don’t overlap, they may cancel out the next note. If they are not overlapping, you may want to check out the “note on” “note off” information. Sometimes, the keys of a controller can stick and even if the note length is proper, the sticking key can cancel out the next note of the same pitch.

Try Preferences>MIDI>“Length adjustment” (a negative value will make the note-offs occur earlier)

Makes sense, with MIDI being serial you never know if the note-off or the note-on is processed first if they’re in the same position. If it does the note-on first, it’ll follow with a note-off right after so you don’t get the chance to hear the sound.

I just tried a midi file. I sequenced something on my hardware sequencer and it plays fine when running into my interface, playing a VST live. However when I export that midi file from my HW sequencer and into Cubase, even though it’s the EXACT same midi data, it seems to choke some of those notes.