Back to Basics

I’ve been obsessing over minute details lately. A few days ago I decided to just hit record and play a little acoustic geee-tar. I didn’t even listen to the take afterwards.

I pulled it out last night and did a little tweaking (Hee, hee :mrgreen: ).

Anyway … it was refreshing to get back to the simple enjoyment of playing. I suggest you grab your instrument of choice (I don’t care if it’s the skin flute :blush: ) and get down with your bad self.

It does a body good!

Gibson J-45 / L.R. Baggs M1 Passive / Focusrite Pro 40 …

Just love this…sounds fantastic even on a laptop with crappy little speakers…excelent guitar work and nice mood created…wish I could play like this :mrgreen: …Kevin

Hey Scab, I was waiting to hear you sing, expecting it to sound like Howlin’ Wolf. Good guitar sound.

Thanks for taking the time to have a listen, guys. I appreciate it.

Hopefully I’ll have something “real” to share again one of these days.

Life has been a roller coaster ride lately … :unamused: .

Hey Mr. Pickens,
Had a good listen.
Inspired me to pick up my guitar,
jam along…pretend I was a rock star!

thanks for that. You have a quality sound in the recording.

I understand; remember to ‘lean into the turns’ so the centrifugal force
doesn’t throw you out of the coaster. :slight_smile:

Nice sound, I like it :slight_smile:



I’ll do my best! Thanks.

Thanks, Strophoid!