Back to C11 -- ALL my MIDI remotes are gone

What a disaster. Just activated C12 and now ALL my MIDI remotes are gone. Simple (and vintage) ones mostly, based on Mackie Control, Mackie HUI (Tascam DM-3200 mixer, Frontier Design Tranzport) - which are missing from the list in that Amazing [sarcasm off] Add MIDI Controller section.

So now I’m supposed to take a day or so to program my own controller surfaces? The same ones that were working perfectly in C11? Nah, I’ll just continue using C11 then…


All the Remote Devices of Cubase 11 are also present in Cubase 12.

Well, maybe in your installation, but not here. I mean, I didn’t write this post just for the fun of it.

They should still be there in the Legacy Remote Devices section where Mackie Control & Generic Remotes have always lived. They should work the same as they did in 11. They don’t get somehow converted to the new MIDI Remote system. If you don’t see them in the Legacy section it probably means they didn’t get copied during the upgrade. So finding & copying their setup files should help.

… or, depending on how much customization of C12 you’re already done, it might be quicker to just delete the C12 prefs and start C12 again, at which point it should detect C11 and import the settings.

In theory. But there must have been something that caused them to initially not be imported. Whatever that was has a decent chance of still being around.

… and there’s Safe Mode to try out (start Cubase while holding down Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-Alt/Opt).

Thanks for the suggestions guys. @raino, I don’t recall seeing anything under the legacy devices (or not even the whole category) but I’ll try some things later.

OK, so after uninstalling C12 completely and then reinstalling, my remote devices appeared in Studio Setup again. All I had to do was re-assign MIDI-channels but that was easy enough.

Now since C12 shows a warning about the ‘legacy’ remotes becoming unusable in the future, this begs the question: How can I get these devices re-assigned into the new system?