Back to groups

Well, my little dalliance with VCA faders didn’t last very long. Just converted back to groups. I like the concept, but VCA faders are way too fiddly to deal with, especially if you have to change something after initially adding faders to a new VCA.

Oh, well. I’ve been using groups forever, so it’s not like it’s unfamiliar territory.

I’ve been trying to get them into my workflow.
What I currently have is VCA Groups, 1 master VCA for all the VCA groups and Group busses.
aorn, this works for me. I’d suggest trying different scenarios. When I began with it I was like, oh hell no…this ain’t gonna work for me.
After some more tinkering I came up with something that does work for me…
It’s now my starting template.

I love using them, I evem use vca faders to control other vcs’s (nesting)
cant imagine life without them now

Great it needed an additional thread that will probably bring roughly the same answers as the other one, just to tell us that…

…and another sarcastic jab to go with it…great!

I really want to love them, but I’m having difficulty with the UI. Perhaps I’m just not understanding the right way to do things.

I think the area of greatest frustration is that they don’t appear to respond to Quick Link. When I removed them from a project last night, I had to do three actions (click the little drop down, select from menu to remove, hit no on a confirmation dialog) times every fader in the project. It’s that sort of thing that makes them unpleasant to use.

Am I just doing it wrong?

I do like the functionality once they’re all set up.

In fairness, he’s probably right that I should have just continued my other thread. Though I could’ve done without the snark.