Back to music UK

The Back to Music Tour looks interesting but I am saddened that everyone of those venues is at least 4-5 hours away from here. We here in the South West of England are left out again. What’s wrong with Exeter, Plymouth or even Bristol (still 3 hours from here) please consider us. I did join in the webinair which was interesting although still hosted from the USA so I did have a few connection problems.Couldn’t find a contact on the page so I thought I would voice my opinion here.

Cubase 6 Back to Music Tour - UK

Steinberg UK is hitting stores close to you with the Cubase 6 Back to Music tour. Stop by your local dealer for an exclusive VIP workshop session based on the powerful new features in Cubase 6.

Aloha rudiarii,

I have similar feelings living here on Maui in the Hawaiian Islands.

And I too attended the webinar and found the connection to be ‘spotty’.


Aloha Curteye…it was ok but I would prefer a hands on…eye to eye type of show…but I’m not prepared to do 8-10 hours travelling for it I could be in New York in less time :wink: We can download slides and things from the webinar but again that misses the mark…I’m sure like Cornwall, Hawaii has more than 1 Cubase user…

Just wondering - will there be any special prices on Cubase at these events?

A friend of mine has my old CS4 (I’m on C6 now) and is looking to upgrade.

It’d be good if he could get a deal at the event.

I think if you live nearby it would be worth a visit…you never know your friend might be lucky and get a deal…

Yeah, we’ve decided to go along - it’s a 30 min rail journey.

Regarding calling the stores to confirm attendance…

The store I called weren’t particularly bothered about taking names, or a head count. The guy who answered didn’t even seem to know what I was talking about - he was asking his colleagues for info, then said “yeah, just turn up”.