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All made with Cubase hihi :smiley:

BTW, is there a music style name for such “melodic electronic” music? Just wondered …

Also wondered what a professional mixing person would improve here … Is it too indifferent in its sound? Would you point out some voices more?

What you hear is pretty much the way its coming out of my Cubase … no EQ, hardly any compression, … (I just used the “Mastering” template at the end to set a basic mastering, but did not move any sliders there and kinda just used it as it came out of the box).



I like your concept: melodic electronic! It works for me! I’m not usually a big fan of electronica; it has to be interesting, which your piece definitely was. I think mastering is possibly less an issue with electronic music vs. live music given that you control the levels and eq of essentially every note on the way in. Others may disagree! Anyway, thanks for posting it for us!

Thank you for your feedback! I’m happy you liked it.
What u said about mastering makes totally sense to me. Might be that we both are wrong on this haha xD