Back to using Cubase 6.5

So I just saw that Steinberg released the last update to 6.5 (6.5.5) thinking with all the horrendous problems with Cubase 7 it’s time to just be smart and appreciate them for continuing to support their old product that actually works.

So I’ll be downloading it, I’ll probably wait until 7.5 to update C7 again, it’s been a huge mess so far Steinberg. :imp:

Anyway, I’d encourage anyone with continuing issues to do the same, it seems like a great idea to me. I could care less about the features of C7 when it doesn’t perform well in a professional sense. 6.5 was rock solid and had great performance!

I’m not there yet but almost. I feel like the more I use 7.0 and report problems the better for everyone including myself.
But I wouldn’t be surprised if in a months time I throw in the towel and start using 6.5 again which is still on my workstation. This is a first for me with any software. Steinberg has to be raising it’s collective eyebrows by now. This version was supposed to be their revolution but instead it’s starting to look like their downfall. All they had to do was modernize 6.5 a little bit. I would have been happy with the old mixer look with some of the new additions. They changed too much too quickly without adequate testing. They shouldn’t even be thinking about a version 8 until they fix (for free) all of these bugs…even if it takes them to version 7.9.9!

Just installed C6.5.5 two days ago. As rock stable as 6.5.4 : it will be my Cubase version of choice for as long as I can.

C7 is a failure (even after no less than 5 updates/supposed fixes) : I stopped trying to get something useful from it for several reasons I already exposed in different threads here. And it seems that there is no discussion allowed about all the regressions made since C6.5, especially in the UI department : I’ve been warned already for being to adamant about this ‘taboo’ subject.

For anyone who still have C5/6/6.5 installed : stick to it ! It will avoid you a lot of hassle…