back to WL6, again?

With the new 7.2 I was hoping to be able to use WL7 for serious work.
I experienced the crashes when rearranging plugins in the montage in WL7.1, and got back to WL6.
Now that problem seems solved, but almost every time I close a montage WL7.2 crashes, especially if I have played a lot with plugins right before closing the montage.
Anybody experiencing this?

WL 7 has been rock solid here, even on unsupported XP Pro SP3.

What are you trying to run it on?

@Biss: are you using Waves plugins?

Vista 32bit. I know is not the best OS but I have never had problems with WL6 or N5 or any other past version.

I haven’t tried Waves plugs yet. The only one I have is the L1. But maybe you are right. I had to remove the waveshell from the N5 plugin list. Even if L1 isn’t loaded in the project, the waveshell slows donw N5 a lot.
Maybe something similar in WL7.2? I’ll try and report later.
PG, I am sorry I started saying “back to WL6 again”. I appreciate the work you’ve done for 7.2. It is just a little frustrating not to be able to use it after all these years of WL6 with no problems at all.

Checked. It is not the problem. Even worse. Now is starting to do again the old problem. It crashes when saving after re-ordering plugins. I tried with WL7.2 plugs only.
I guess I have been unlucky with this version of WL.