Back Up Mixes to CD?

Can I back up the Automated Mixes from Cubase 6 to external DVD-R or CD? :question:
I know how to Back up and Burn Audio files and Midi Files.
I’m talking about the Automated Mixes them selves.
I do the File> Back up project— all the time.
When I Burn the Project to CD the Mixes are never there, Just the files

Any Help :question:


Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If I understand you correctly.

Backup project will only copy the files that show on the arrange page, so if you haven’t imported the mix/s back to the project they wont be copied over.


Put the mixes back into the project arrange page before doing a backup project Or just burn the Mix folder (assuming you put the projects mixes into there own folder) along with the project files.

Thanks Split: I was selecting “Files” instead of “Folder” in the Burning Software,
selecting CD instead of DVD data disk, and trying to import the whole
project right in Cubase 6, files>import>audio cd.
Works great now. Thanks again Split

ps: and was depending to much on offline backup
“CARBONITE” to do this for me.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: