"Back up project" function creates empty audio files for audio used in sampler tracks.

Cubase 9.5.21 / Windows 10 x64

I was making a backup copy of a project and found out that Cubase didn’t transfer audio from sampler tracks to a new project Audio folder.
It did create files with correct names but all those files are empty.

While it backed up audio from audio tracks it just created empty files for audio used in sampler tracks.
Some STs used shots from commercial packs, those were easy to replace. But some samples were manually made / recorded / sliced and those were lost.

All audio was 100% in-project. Commercial sample shots were copied to project audio folder and used from there, all other samlpes were created using audio from project audio tracks (vocals, instruments etc).

I tried to reproduce this issue with another project and succeeded so I consider it a bug.


I cannot confirm this. It works as expected, to me. All Audio files are created, and there is a signal in all Audio Files on my side.