Back up project locators selection

when i try to back up a project , and select an area with the locators , say 6 bars in a 100 bar project, it backs up the whole project and not just the selected area .How do you get cubase to back up the area selected with the locators and not the whole project ?
cheers for your time !!

You can’t backup part of a project. That’s not what backup does.
Are you looking to perform an Audio Mixdown perhaps?

no , i just want part of the project backed up , you could definitely do this is in earlier vesions of cubase , just select an area with the locators , then select back up project , then select remove unused data , and then there would be a back up of just the area selected , the rest of the project outside the locators would not be included , not a mix down or an export , it is a good feature

Since I didn’t have any recollection of such a feature, I scanned through the manual for Cubase Pro 7.5 (the oldest manual available @ Steinberg) and did not find a backup function as you describe it.
Do you remember what version had that feature?

yes , pretty much all of them , and i am sure i have done it with cubase 12 as well , you use the locators to select the part you want to back up ,select remove unused data or files and it leaves the rest . and when you open the new backup , what you selected is at bar 1 in new project , and everything else is removed , a great feature
cheers for the help much appreciated !!

i have been using cubase for 20 years, loads of versions !!

I’ve never heard of this either and cannot recreate it using Cubase 7.5 (the oldest I have installed).

I started with this

Then I made a Backup using these settings

But the Project created by the Backup still has everything in it

Next I made another backup like this

Which also gave similar results

Can you give us the exact steps you used in the past to do this?

I have never heard of such a thing existing in Cubase.


i never used any extra steps than move my locators to selected area , then select back up project and then remove unused files , and that was it , it worked perfect as i always have various pieces of music and loops to the right side of my main project . The one difference was that i used the artist versions , this is the first time i have got the pro version , but i cant see that being the reason . A real good feature for messy producers like my self :+1:
cheers for your input

It sounds like you forgot a step or two.

  1. set locators
  2. File>Backup Project
  3. activate range tool
  4. Edit>Select>In Loop
  5. Edit>Range>Crop

Or better

  1. set locators
  2. activate range tool
  3. Edit>Select>In Loop
  4. Edit>Range>Crop
  5. File>Backup Project
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