Back Up Project Protocol: Additional Option: 'Remove Inactive Track Versions'

Hi, a lot of unneeded data can pile up in Track Versions, going from one track at a time to clean this out is pretty inefficient

‘Remove inactive track versions’

would delete all previous track versions not currently active in the current project save/revision and thus also delete and remove all the data on those particular track versions (so long as the data isn’t active in current active track versions)

obviously the user would have to do this safely with their own discretion as to whether or not these track versions will be needed later on.

This feature came with Track Versions when it was introduced.

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wait where is that?

@steve I can’t see where you are the image is cropped


nvm I found it, funny enough I’ve binded keys to it.

It would still be good to have as an option in the Back Up Project protocol