Back-up project question:

The way I usually start Cubase is with a default project file.

After I fool around and develop some ideas, grooves, melody or whatever…anything I think I might want to take to the next level, I use the “back-up project” function. Keep in mind I am only in the midi realm using no audio.

So I back the project up to an empty folder, I’ll call it the “A” folder, change the name from default to something else, and all is good. Then I close Cubase.

Then when I want to work on this project again I go to my “A” folder and click on the cubase6 document which opens the project. But I notice inside my “A” folder, not only the cubase6 document exists, but additional folders such as “Audio”, “Images” “edits”, etc. get created automatically.

I find it very strange that an Audio folder has been created even though I have no audio file included in the project. Why is this?

Is there a setting somewhere I can tell Cubase exactly what folders I want to create when setting the back-up project location?

I’m asking this because if there is, it would be nice to have additional folders automatically created in my “A” folder. For example UAD presets folder, Waves presets folder etc…created anytime I use the Back-up project function.

This is normal behaviour, don’t worry about it.

Although it sounds rather elitist, I think a normal user/mixer should not worry about the folders of the project.

Just choose a folder wisely at creation of the project (or backup) and just record, mix and master. The technical details of how Cubase creates folder structures is not relevant…

So it’s not relevant to wonder why Cubase creates an Audio folder when you have never created any audio files? That sounds strange to me. This behavior led me to believe that somewhere somehow the user could create custom folders.

I think it would be nice to have certain folders automatically created every time the user creates a back-up project. Currently there are all kinds of files inside the main back-up project folder which to me looks like a mess. There are Battery presets, Kontakt presets, kontakt samples, Reaktor files, UAD presets, Waves presets lots of stuff and they are all inside the back up project folder.

But the audio files and edit files have their own folder.

The thing is: do you actually need to know? Why is it so important to NOT have an audio-folder? Folder is empty, normally you don’t look inside those folders, so… what’s the problem exactly?

If you make a backup-project, only the used files are transferred to the new project. Everything you need is right there. But do you really care if there are wave files, midi files, peak files, etc etc? Or do you just want to work and make music?

That’s all I’m saying :slight_smile:

Our work flow must be very different. Just to clarify…once I make a back-up project folder…then I re-name that folder to a working title of some type, from that time on, that folder is where I will continue to create my project correct? Every time I work on that song, and store presets, create audio files, etc they are all going into that back up folder. The exception would be cubase presets that are stored with the cubase project file. (Those presets are stored “invisibly” inside the Cubase project file.)

I look inside these folders all the time. If I open Wavelab and decide to do some editing of a audio track (assuming I have previously created an audio track in Cubase and the .wav is automatically stored in that projects back-up Audio folder) I’m going to look in the back-up project folder>“Audio” folder. Where else would you look?

Any time I want to open a older preset that I have used in a particular song from UAD or Waves, I look to that folder. Any time I want to open an older battery kit, older kontakt .nki or previous Kore2 performance file that I created for that particular project, I browse to that folder.

Keep in mind I’m not referring to the CUBASE presets system where Cubase stores the presets with the project file in the .cpr. I’m referring to presets specifically for particular applications such as the Kontakt .nki or UAD preset, Albino preset, Kore2 performance preset, Battery drum kit preset etc…

Another example: I don’t think I’m the only person who creates and stores a preset for Waves EQ then makes adjustments over time until I have stored maybe 8 or 9 updated Waves EQ presets, and then likes to go back to lets say…the 3rd preset and load it. Where would you find this preset? I find it in the Back-up project folder (which I have re-named to a working title) and then have to search for the Waves preset file which is often among over a hundred other files with different extensions. Wouldn’t it be nice if that Waves preset file was in a Waves preset folder which resides inside the back-up project folder?

Some users like to store these presets in C\program files\common files\ etc… I prefer to keep them inside the back up project folder for that specific song, and then preferably in a more specific folder such as a UAD presets folder.

Does this make more sense now?

The Audio folder must be there in every project because when you create an audio track and record enable it, a file is created in the Audio folder waiting to start capturing. It is how Cubase operates.