''Back Up Project'' Shrinks 'Sampler Track' samples to nothing

I don’t know if this is reported or known or my mistake but, when I back up a project and check minimize audio files, the sampler track files get lost with an empty sampler track that still has the name and start end locators shrinked at the beginning.
Cubase Pro 11.0.1 Mac Mojave

Steps to produce:

  • Create an empty project
  • Create a sampler track with any audio file by dragging from the browser
  • Select Back up Project
    -choose/create the folder
  • Check ‘minimize audio files’ from the preferences’
    -name the project and save

Result: The file is gone from the sampler track ,

Start and end locators are shrunk at the beginning
and can not be moved,


Thank You,

I was going to do that but was not sure if this was indeed a bug or user error.

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You can edit your original post if you like.

Got it.
Thanks again!

This is either the same bug or a different bug, but either way, is definitely relative to:

So I’ll tag @Spork , as the previously discussed bug was supposedly fixed as per Sporks later post in the same thread

But according to @SteveHelstrip and @WK1 this is not the case

For me, the latest update from 11 to 11.x on Catalina also broke down the Sampler Track file storage functionality.

Im back at 11.0 and it all works, and its awesome.

PS.Not shure what is happening, but i believe Apple makes it almost impossible for Steinie to do things right, file permission wise and what not. MacOS changes files systems and deep OS functionality on a whim, so all 3rd party devs (and even worse, the MacOS vst plugin devs) are in a very difficult position.

Ongoing bugs with sampler tracks are exhausting. I’m no longer using them because it’s impossible to archive projects reliably. Ridiculous.

I think I posted a workaround somewhere in one of your threads, can’t remember

After dragging in sample from browser into Sampler Track


1.) ‘Prepare Archive’ in pool
2.) Redrag the Sampler Track file from the pool back into the Sampler Track

now try your backup

We’ve been here a thousand times. It’s broken.

yes that works…

you can combine macros to do these things, so it super fast:

1.Audio - Find Selected In Pool
2.Media - Reveal In Finder

From here you can copy to a safe place, rename if needed, and drag back into Sampler with lock on.
This way you also have a backup from any cool sounds you made for later use.
I have a big folder with all my Sampler Track samples.

Hi, I found one workaround. Don’t tick “minimize audio files”. Let’s hope Steinberg notices this bug soon.

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let me try this now

5 minutes later: yeeey this seems to work! thanks Shazee!!

now I need a way to clean up big imported audio files before backing up

Was searching up on this issue and although it wasn’t an issue for me in previous versions, it happens every time since I upgraded to 11. Infuriating when you back up a project and have to go through every sampler track and drag in samples again.

I’ve stopped using it as well and just use audio tracks for now.

Yup. Something STILL isn’t right. :-/

Hi guys, i made a macro that works pretty well, to backup a project with working sampler tracks:

  1. First, select all the audio you want to minimize, for me this is mostly vocals is used.
  2. Find Selected In Pool
  3. Minimize Audio
  4. Dont Save
  5. Do a “Save As…” with different name (so the original project works for sure)
  6. backup thru file/backup normal way
  7. DESELECT Minimize Audio (this is critical for the Sampler Track to work.

In my case, this backs up my projects with working Sampler Track and minimized files, so its small.
And the macro does half of this work pretty fast…

Tip: to make audio files even smaller, i also use ‘Detect Silence’ and auto delete everything below certain threshold (like -50db, with slow attack and release).
This would be step 1b in the macro…

Still, it would be nice to have this work normally…this is both a pc and a mac problem.
I have this problem on my 16" macbook, a 15" macbook as well as new pc from Scan.
So im pretty sure its a Cubase problemo.

CB 11.x latest update

Big thanks at Shazee to point this out

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Yeah this is still a problem for me as well. I’m not a big fan of work arounds so I hope steinberg fixes this asap