back up question

hello all,just wondering what the popular /best ways of backing up your work might people use on line back up?
any suggestions would be helpfull.

My work is hardly critical, but I automatically backup to an external USB drive, and when I want to I upload to dropbox, but that’s usually for sharing, not backup.

I have a folder with all my Cubase projects in it. Windows Backup is set to automatically back it up to a second hard drive in the computer on a weekly basis. Every once in a while, I also make a copy on an external drive.

Good thinking. I backup all of my “important” projects, track presets, effect presets, etc. to a Usb drive as well. You definitely want to save it somewhere other than your computer, in case your hardrive crashes or is otherwise damaged.

Now in the case that Cubase may crash, it is helpful that Cubase automatically creates backups of your projects every x many minutes. (Unfortunately, I have taken advantage of this feature more than I would have liked.)

If it isn’t backed up in 3 places, it isn’t backed up.

thanks for the responses all.has anybody tried this
does it work ?.is it of any use?

I have a NAS drive and a external Firewire 800 drive I backup too.

First I backup to the Firewire and then across the network to the NAS. Also, this makes it easy to open files on my PC or Mac, depending on what I need to accomplish.

I would never use an online backup. The files are just to large. For me a typical recording using wave files at 44.1 / 24 bit with 16 tracks of audio and 1 Midi is 13.5GB. Thats using the backup function in Cubase and removing all the unnecessary audio files.