Back up Studio set up io Labels?

Is there a way to back up your Studio set up io Labels ? I just found all mine labels have gone , not sure if it because I just updated my RME Drivers .

I found this file in Cubase Pref , so I make a copy maybe that the way to back the input io list up
Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 12.55.05

It is generally a good idea to make regular backups of the whole preferences folder (scratch that - make regular backups of your whole system :wink: )

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I do , Time Machine back up all the time , was just wondering were the file was stored, but after I start to re create to I could see the Port Setup move to the top :slight_smile:

Okay, so this is driving me mad, again today, I find all my labels are gone, which then leads to studio set up being broken for all external instruments

I did a full backup of my Cubase preferences I’m also took a snapshot of the input labels.

But when I replace my “Port Setup.xml” and “External Plugins.xml” I am still left with unlabelled ports and broken Studio set up .

Can anyone help , am I missing something here Thx

I vaguely remember another thread here from some time ago where someone had a similar problem, maybe because of a specific driver issue, dunno….
I understand that dozens of numbered MADI outputs are not very clear and helpful , but once you configured them in the audio connection window, shouldn’t you be done with it and never had to look at them again? I admittedly don’t use external instruments, but with my regular ins and outs that just works fine, no need to name the ports.

I thought I was done , but Found they were lost after the RME Driver update . just wish you could save these things and re load . seems Crazy the way such a powerful DAW can’t handle IO simply.

External Synths is a nightmare

I just tested it with my Fireface UCX, renamed two ports in the studio setup, updated the UCX drivers and firmware, and the custom “show as” names stayed as they were before. :person_shrugging:

Thats really odd , this is my 1st RME set up came from UAD , this was the first Update since installing .
also what’s odd is if I copy the “Port Setup.xml” after changing names .

then rest all Io names . close Cubase and Reopen , I have lost my labels , quit Cubase replace with the back up “Port Setup.xml” and the names are back .

But going back to a Time Machine back up from 2 days ago (when I started this thread) it doesn’t work they are all just numbers

I should add I am using a MBP so Unplug each day from the RME and Sometime opens and work on Project on the Build in IO , that is also a massive pain , as when you re plug the RME you have to rebuild all Control room IO , saving a preset doesn’t work as there are no presets for Ext Instruments