Hi all,

Another track from Martine and I, more lighthearted this time :slight_smile:
As before, she wrote and sang the song and played the piano, and also guitar this time.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

You did a great job filling the track with just
piano, bass, drums and one vocal.

I thought the vocal was a bit shy (dB) and
the kick too, perhaps needing a bit more bass
as well.

The chorus melody is very much like the old
Seekers hit “A World of Our Own”. But then I’m
just showing my age. :unamused:

Not sure about the “brass”, but I liked the idea.

There’s actually an acoustic guitar in there that does a lot of filling.
If you don’t listen for it you hardly notice it, but if I take it out it’s suddenly very empty.

Thanks for the level pointers, I’ll take a look. I actually feel exactly the same about the ‘brass’. Not sure if it’s all that good, but I like the idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know ‘A World of Our Own’, but you’re right :smiley:

I agree that the vocal was a bit quiet, especially early on but it’s a nice, light, happy track.
I liked it.

And keeping with the sentiments of the lyrics:

“May the dust from your master’s feet cover you from head to toe”.
(Quoted by Rob Bell in the Nooma DVD “Dust”)

Neil B

A good song and again, very nicely done, I agree with the points Jet made…but, …good work!

I can’t really top the comments from Jet; he said it best. Now that he mentioned it, I recognize “A World of Our Own”. I’m sure my grandmother played it when I was a child. Anyway, thanks for posting, and keep them coming!

Thanks all!
Here’s a new version. Not a lot of changes, just some things that were mentioned here and elsewhere, and a tambourine :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re on to bigger things now :wink: