Backbone 1.1 Install Issue

Win 10 64 bit install issue. Appears there is a missing installer file. See attached. Anyone have suggestions?

I went to grab the 1.5 update early and saw that 1.1 version but ignored it, so not sure why it comes up first.

So, While this doesn’t answer your question, you’re best to get the latest (1.5) backbone version from this section (Plus content if it’s new install):

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The content files supplied with Backbone 1.5 are not identical to those with Backbone 1.1, so I suspect they contain bugfixes.

The answer is, I believe, to install the new Backbone 1.5, then download and install (double click one of the files) the latest Backbone content.

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Thanks, I think that will do it.

I wasn’t sure to download the content again or not, must admit - so you think there has been changes to that too?

I wish this was clearer, the download manager is next to useless really. I Only want a list of products I own, what version they’re on and whether there’s updates to the plugin or content. :frowning:

Current content has this:

Gonna re-download and see if it’s actually any different.

Got it. Thanks!

They have definitely changed. I downloaded them and ran a binary compare between the 1.1 and 1.5 versions. All six content files are different to the 1.1 versions.


File size is identical to what I had before, but I’ve installed it just to be on the safe side! :slight_smile:

…Isn’t it great that we’re binary/file-size comparing to find out. Duh!


Here’s the binary comparison of the 1.1 content (the Content 1 folder name means ‘version 1’ - it’s actually the content shipped with version 1.1)

Here’s part of the hexadecimal comparison of one of the files:

Steinberg Library Manager complains if you try to install content but there is nothing new in the folder. After you have run Steinberg Library Manager to install content on Windows, anything superseded lands up in the Recycle Bin, so you can see which files were different.

As you say, there is scope to improve the situation. Not everyone has a connection that can redownload multi-gigabyte content packs quickly and without incurring traffic-based charges or usage limits.


Hi @David_W,

good work.

Just for the record:
in Steinberg Library Manager and with Backbone 1.1 still installed, the upper section "Backbone " showed all three vstsound files at v7 (now at v8), and the lower section “Backbone 1.1” showed all three files at v1 (now at v2).