Backbone 1.5 crashes constantly on a Big Sur MacBook Air M1


Backbone 1.5 crashes constantly on a Big Sur MacBook Air M1 to the extent that it is for me unusable at the moment.

Any suggestions or information is highly appreciated as Backbone is for me the ultimate drum/perc sampler and would like to continue using it.


  • Crashing constantly (about 90% of the times) when enabling “PITCH ANALYSIS” in the “SAMPLE” tab
  • Experienced crashes with other random actions in Backbone but are not frequent


  • Big Sur MacBook Air M1
  • Different DAWs tested, including Cubase 12 Trial
  • VST3


  • Do not happen on my BigSur MacBook Pro i7 (test machine) with same setup

  • If one sample and settings causes the crash, then it will continue doing so every time you reload

  • Can some time get the crashes on specific layer to stop if selecting “REVERSE” on the “SAMPLE” tab before using the “PITCH ANALYSIS”, but then crashes as soon I untick the “REVERSE”

  • Can some time get the crashes on specific layer to stop is filling around with zoom and grid setting in SAMPLE” tab before using the “PITCH ANALYSIS”, but unable to find a pattern

  • Have done a reinstall of Backbone and all other Steinberg components

  • I intend to use “PITCH ANALYSIS” frequently, so not using “PITCH ANALYSIS” will not be a workaround

Thanks in advance,

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I can confirm the same behavior on my 2021 M1 Macbook Pro 14" with Moneterey 12.4. :roll_eyes:

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Thank you for the confirmation HONEYHILL,

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one but sorry that you have to experience the issue as well.

I raised the issue with a support ticket a few days back (before my post) but have not yet had any reply/update.

Just a FYI update regarding the issue and a question:

I manage to get through to support per email and after some strugglesome emails back and forth they said they forwarded to developers. No updates or information after that (July 7th) and Backbone is still unusable for my needs due to constantly crashing.

The support just blanked me after the initial contact and do not reply back to any emails, the emails are basically asking if they have any update or info to provide. This is same behaviour I experienced with the Steinberg support earlier.

So to the question. Anyone have any good way of getting Steinberg support to response?


Just want to add an update as FYI.

This issue is still not resolved after a year from M1 compatibility release even thought they are aware of it.
Seems to not be high priority and only get apologies when I follow up.

Only an issue if using “PITCH ANALYSIS”.
However this functionality was the reason I bough Backbone, so the software is so far useless with no option for refund even though faulty.