Backbone Drum Re-Synthesizer is what Sampler Track should have been

How great would it have been to just have Backbone docked to lower zone.

Multiple layers per sampler track, etc, etc.

Backbone Lite should be included in Cubase as the Sampler Track

Backbone Pro should be standalone product.

+1 for LE version docked

Very cool idea

Can groove agent not be used for multiple layers and decomposing etc ?

Yes it it can, up to 16, or maybe it’s 32. But this request is sort of within the context of a sort of simple and accessible “Channel Sampler”

Sampler track needs more work for sure. the idea is great. I would be happy to have Groove agent 5 SE redesigned to be/fit as Sampler track.

Very cool idea, and if you buy backbone, it could show up instead of the light version at the bottom.
I absolutely agree, it is such an amazing sampler. I love the envelope synch, i love the resynthesis. I am a drum synth nut and this (to me at least) is the best attempt at drum resynthesis.
But it also works so damn well as a sampler. It has everything you want: multiple layers, syncable envelopes, ability to delay samples with grid sync, great re synthesis, it just rocks.
Seriously great product.