"Backbone" messing up Cubase 12 BUGS! Glitch!

I just purchased Backdone earlier today.
Right after installing I realized my mouse was acting weird. Yup! The mouse…
I can scroll and right click . The left click will work randomly. I swaped the mouse same thing. Then I realized that this was only in Cubase. In windows everything works perfectly. This happened right after I installed Backbone. First of all backbone took forever to load as an instrument. Then I tried to change the value of the pitch knob by holding the left click and scrolling and it was glitching On and Off intermittent. Gradually the left click stopped working in cubase . Oops ! All of a sudden it come back…
Does Steinberg refund Backbone or I just fell into a catch 22 nonsense !?
Of oh but… “wait until the update” or “everyone else has no issues except me”
Its called money in the trash.

C12 pro 12.0.60
Windows 10
2 week old format.

Umm this sounds strange , installing Backbone shouldn’t cause your mouse to become unresponsive , just for trials ,could you move the mouse to a different Usb port just to see if it works because funny you mention this , my trackball if left for 5 minutes with no use stops working with the ball , all buttons work but not the ball and moving the trackball to a different port cured it , and yes i have backbone installed

Hi FilterFreq,

I will try. But don’t think it will solve the left click issue. The mouse works when I minimize cubase and go into Windows.
Thats when I get a chance of It working again randomly.

Well you won’t know until you try , i know personally if i have certainly controllers in certain usb ports with other usb devices then i will have silly issues , this seems like a windows issue , or you could enter Cubase in safe mode which will disable the plugins and see how it works then