Backdating Cubase

HI all, am new to forums so please bear with me. I have just upgraded my Cubase 7 elements to 11 elements but have found the newer format very confusing at the moment… I have noticed that there is download links for Cubase 9.5 elements on the steinberg site and was wondering if I can download and install 9.5 elements whilst using the Cubase 11 elements elicencer but still have access to 11 elements when I get comfortable with the format…(hope this makes sense)…cheers

Yes you can. Good luck and have fun.


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Thanks mate for the reply :slight_smile:

You can even run both versions at the same time, Cubase 7 too.

However, I doubt the things you are finding confusing in Cubase 11 will be any less confusing in Cubase 9.5. To the extent that the GUI on 11 is much more consistent than it was in 9.5 I wonder if it might be more confusing and not less than 11.

What are you finding confusing? Folks here are pretty good at explaining.

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Hi raino, have just been playing about with my new Cubase 11 elements and find it IS similar to the older versions, I think what was confusing me is the user interface color scheme. Is there any “retro” color schemes available to download? otherwise I’ll have to use the confusing user interface color scheme preference…cheers

You can modify the color scheme in Preferences but the adjustments have limited ranges so you may or may not be able to get what you really want.

Haven’t noticed any threads with folks sharing color schemes. There are a couple for Track Pictures, so likely there are folks out there who’d like to share colors. You could start a thread.